Conference Quilt

2013-10-24 09.29.07LOVE Conference weekend.

I get to park my carcass in front of the TV all weekend wearing yoga pants and call it church.

Actually, I was quite productive during the eight-hour inspirational smack down.

I made this quilt start-to-finish while watching/listening.

Isn’t is cute?

Guess where I found the pattern?

Pinterest, of course.

I consider it a major accomplishment to have actually made something I pinned.

Most of the stuff I pin is not so much DIY, but more like PIBITISCBWNEGATDI (Pinned It Because I Think It’s Super Cute But Will Never Ever Get Around To Doing It).

That should be a pin board title. It would have tons of stuff on it.

But I did finish this quilt, and in two days time!

The pattern is called “Any Witch Way.”

Catchy title, right?

As you know, I’m a sucker catchy titles, even if it does handicap the Google search engines for my blog.

I took a workshop on blogging and one of the presenters told us how Google search is very literal, not clever. The Google search engines don’t register puns or plays on words. Because of this, he told us our titles need to be clear, literal explanations of our content in order for people to be led to our blogs.


I guess if literal, boring, uncreative Google searchers never find me, oh well.

They’re usually the ones who don’t “get my groove” anyway because they take life way too seriously so they write mean comments, so no big loss.

That didn’t sound very Christlike did it.

I think I need another Conference weekend.

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