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HousesYesterday I was running errands in town to get ready for Halloween.

Pinterest got the better of me again and I had big plans to make these donut fang faces I’d pinned on my very meager “Holidaze” board.

It was going to be a sugar-buzz Halloween kick-off breakfast for my family, who would be super surprised and stoked since I’m one of those mean moms who doesn’t even allow sugar cereals for breakfast, let alone pastries. This treat was festive, fun, and required three steps to make them:



donut1. Remove store-bought donuts from box.
2. Place plastic fangs inside hole.
3. Place candy for eyes and tongue.
4. Enjoy!

Okay, there are four steps. But “enjoy” doesn’t really count as project construction. It was easy and Halloweenie so I was all over it. Well, apparently every other mother in the area was all over this cheap and easy Halloween pin idea because every store, EVERY FREAKIN’ STORE in town was out of those cheap plastic fangs which are usually available in bulk everywhere! I couldn’t believe it. I could not find any, anywhere.

Even “Halloween City” was out! Aren’t they supposed to be the “Halloween headquarters?” I mean, they have racks and racks of costumes that make every respectable female profession into something skanky, yet they run out of a Halloween staple like plastic fangs?

Probably every elementary school kid in the valley got a donut fang face treat today at the class parties thrown by their Room Moms, Pinterest junkies.

Anyhoo, as I was driving around town quickly losing my spooky spirit by not finding fangs and being Pinterest punked yet again, I noticed a few houses that had taken the whole exterior Halloween decorating to a new level. Houses painted spooky hues of neon purple, pumpkin orange, Frankenstein green, and ghoulish gold with black shutters and an orange truck parked in the driveway to boot.


Even though I know these homeowners probably didn’t paint their houses (and truck) just for Halloween, they still aren’t your average home exterior tints which means the people who live in them are bold and maybe even a little scary—in a good way. They’re people who want to live outside the box and inside a funky-colored house.

Can you imagine if these four houses were side-by-side on a street? Most epic Halloween neighborhood ever!

This imagery raised my spirits on the spook-o-meter and made me think my Pinterest project was a Halloween hack by comparison.

I ditched the fang hunt and headed home with a new resolve to try and be more bold and original and come up with my own festive and funky Halloween ideas! Time to think outside the box (i.e. the computer).

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  1. Reply Jana Nov 1,2013 2:58 pm

    I had a hard time finding fangs for our vampire costumes too!! Finally found them at Smith’s and Walgreens of all places! Wish I would have seen the donut idea- so cute! I went the easy route and just bought Frankenberry and Countchocula cereal and called it good 🙂

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