Sucker for Sushi

SushiSo, I’m at the grocery store today picking up a few things, when I see a sign that says “Fresh sushi made daily!”

Fresh sushi, made right there in the grocery store?

Hmmm, curiosity piqued.

Though I am a sushi junkie, I don’t usually buy grocery store sushi because who knows how long that stuff’s been sitting there in those plastic containers, and with the raw fish factor it’s not worth the chance. Plus, sushi is only good if it’s fresh off the bamboo mat.

But freshly made sushi right then and there in the store? Well that’s a fish of different color!

I turned my cart toward the deli department to check it out. There next to the deli counter were two friendly Asian sushi masters rolling gourmet sushi right before my very eyes.

They gave me a sample of the “Crunchy New Yorker” roll and it was delish!

I’m in.

I picked up one, two, okay, three rolls and put them in my cart.

Fresh sushi for lunch today right from the deli department.

Superstore, indeed.

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