“Boho” for Baby

BoHoI have a baby shower today for my cousin’s cute wife.

Of course, I need a gift for the new mom in celebration of the sweet screaming bundle of joy on its way.

Luckily, I recently acquired a new quilt pattern I’ve been anxious to try, and who doesn’t love a handmade quilt for their new baby, right?

I was especially anxious to try this pattern because it’s “Boho,” meaning bohemian style, so it’s designed to use what you already have like old jeans and fabric and batting scraps, plus you quilt the layers together as you go—you basically make a FREE quilt!

I LOVE free.

I LOVE using up fabric scraps so I can feel justified when I want to buy new fabric that I have no idea what I’ll make with it, but for psychotic reasons can’t stop myself from purchasing.

I LOVE using batting scraps because what in the heck are you supposed to do with those long narrow strips of leftover batting you trim off, but feel wasteful in chucking?

I LOVE chopping up my fat jeans, even though I shouldn’t because I’ll need them again in a matter of months.

So with an upcoming need for a baby gift, I seized the opportunity to make the FREE quilt.

I happily hacked into my stacks of old jeans. I cheerfully chopped into my fabric scrap stash. I giddily gashed through the strips of leftover batting.

I felt so eco-friendly and up-cycley and penny-pinchy as I worked.

Thirteen hours of my life later, the bargain boho for baby was completed.

As I look at the cute novelty fabrics of cars, frogs, dogs and donuts I incorporated into the quilt, I think of a sweet baby boy pointing at the pictures and excitedly forming his first words.

I try not to think about how if I’d spent that thirteen hours in professional billable time instead I could have bought that kid a $400 gift.

This quilt better be this baby’s freakin’ favorite.


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