My Lucky Day

13thLucky me, it’s my birthday on Friday the 13th!

I’m not really superstitious, but I am at an unidentified location for the day, just in case.

Actually, Jason and I are down in Salt Lake partying to celebrate my special day. We went to Mack and the Mo Tab’s annual Christmas gig last night which was AWESOME!

Just when people think Mormons are all stuffy and boring, we produce a live Charles Dickens scene with actors floating out over the audience in the Conference Center. That’s right! We’ve got special effects, folks!

John Rhys-Davies, the British actor known mainly for playing the ax-wielding dwarf “Gimli” in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, levitated over the audience as he played a spirit who appeared in a dream to Charles Dickens, which inspired him to write his famous book A Christmas Carol.

After that, John gave the most stirring recitation of the Christmas story of Luke 2 I’ve ever heard. I wish he could come to my home every Christmas Eve and read it to my family like that. When I read it in my scriptures from now on I will hear his dramatic British voice in my head and be even more inspired.

The guest soloist with the choir was opera soprano, Deborah Voigt, who was amazing. She sang some lovely traditional carols with the orchestra and a few classical arias to show her incredible range. But my personal favorite was a song I’d never heard before called the “The 12 Days After Christmas.” It was hilarious! She sang about being disgruntled with her true love so she cut down the pear tree and “shot the partridge with a single cartridge.” She made soup with the French hens because her mother had the croup and complained about the five golden rings turning her fingers green. The song ended with her running off with one of the drummers drumming. It was a great spin on a classic Christmas tune, and the concert was a great way to spend Birthday Eve.

As for today, we’re off into the city to shop, eat, bum around, and maybe see a movie or two. Lucky me!

A big shout out to my three birthday buddies who share this day as our earthly debut: my sister Tanna, my friend Tex, and Taylor Swift.

I anxiously await to see how my latest birthday punk for Tex plays out. Cue “Chewbacca Birthday!”


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