The January House

snow quiltWell, I took down my Christmas decorations over the weekend.

There are empty hooks on the walls, a barren mantel, pine needles and glitter scattered across the floor, a wilted poinsettia in the corner, and end tables with funky dust-framed shapes where nativities used to be.

My house looks like a Who house after the Grinch had his way with it.

Though it’s nice to get things back in order, it is kind of depressing.

I think I’ll belt out a “Forgotten Carol“:

I cry the day that I take the tree down.
I want the season to last all year round!

Okay, I’ll stop there before it gets to the mooshy part because that has nothing to do with how I’m feeling on this first Monday after the holidays.

Unlike forlorn Nurse Constance, the people I love are still here with me and, truthfully, I was super happy when most of them got on the school bus this morning. I don’t really want Christmas to last all year round because then it wouldn’t be special and magical and we’d have to claim bankruptcy, but it is kinda sad when the fun is all over and you have to clean up the residue of it, pay the bills of it, and start working off the fat of it.

I do have one consolation though.

Last night I finished a quilt I’ve been working on for a while and its debut display in my house is going to get me through to February when I can pull out my cheery red and pink Valentine’s stuff.

This quilt is made up of blocks that were part of a snow-themed “block exchange” from my quilt guild a few years ago. Each quilter makes the same block for the number of people in the exchange, then we all get one of each quilter’s block to make a quilt.

Most of the time you get a nice combination of blocks in the exchange, but sometimes you do get a few questionable ones. I admit, I did omit one block from my quilt design. I called it “Serial Killer Snowman.”

The black fabric used for the snowman’s eyes was very thin and it frayed when the quilter sewed around the abnormally large circles with a very jagged zig zag stitch. The same black fabric and jagged stitch were used on a ginormous black hole mouth as well, and that combined with big crazy eyes made him look like the kind of snowman who sneaks from the yard at night to make a kill.

Sorry, I just couldn’t include him in my quilt.

It’s January, and I need something peppy to look at.

That’s why I pulled out this stack of blocks from the dusty dregs of my UFO pile (UnFinished Objects) in my sewing room and hurried to finish it over the holidays because I knew I would need a pick-me-up.

With its nondescript “snow” theme it doesn’t count as merely a Christmas quilt. It could be displayed from September to May in Cache Valley and still be appropriate for that matter.

For now, it’s the quilt to brighten up the doldrums of the January house.

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