Come Out and Play

playSummer is the season to play.

Yep, it’s time to kick back and relax in a soft theater seat to let the casts of Cache Valley players entertain me.Sure, I love the sun, the outdoors, hiking, biking and such, but summer stock production is truly my favorite part of the season.

Just when a child is about to be sold into slavery if I have to yank one more gooey popsicle stick out of the carpet, my sweetie whisks me out of the hot house and into a breezy summer evening for a date night to the theater.

It’s magical!

Lee makes me laugh, Michael makes me cry, Bandito is the bomb, and Vanessa makes me think nepotism can be a good thing.

If you don’t understand what I meant by all of that, then you haven’t been properly exposed to the quality theatrical productions provided right here in our quaint community. The Lyric, Eccles and Pickleville theatres don’t just provide these productions for the migrating sunbird residents. Anyone who lives anywhere can go to a local movie theater to see Tom Cruise live in denial that he’s waaay past his prime to play action heroes. But we live in a town that boasts three acclaimed stages in its radius and we should take pride in that.

I sure do.

There’s just something mesmerizing about live theater. There’s no editing or auto-tuning. It’s the original 3-D effect and it’s a refreshing unplug in this digital world.

I thank my mother for instilling in me an appreciation for theatrical production. A prodigy vocal performance major at USU in her day, she especially loved musical theater. She translated her passion and performance experience into her parenting by teaching her children Rodgers and Hammerstein medleys and spending weekends having MGM musical marathons. Mom took us to what local productions she could and got us gigs to work as ushers at more elite venues to earn tickets for renowned productions. I enjoyed plays, musicals, ballets and orchestras of the highest caliber and it spoiled me forever.

This brain-washing method worked.

I didn’t see a single Star Wars or Indiana Jones movie until a decade after they were in theaters. My future husband was aghast when he learned of this childhood deprivation during our courtship, but he married me anyway. Shortly after the honeymoon he insisted on a George Lucas movie marathon to rectify the situation. I dozed off somewhere between the Empire striking back and Jones Jr. and Sr. discovering they both dated the same blonde Nazi.

Luckily, my hubby also had a musical mother who managed to fit in some theatrical exposure in between boyhood Lucasfests, so he’s game to escort me to theatrical events—especially if it spares the lives of his offspring. And I do compromise and accompany him to watch Tom star in Age Denial Action IV.

Come to the theatre!

In the words of Shakespeare, “The play’s the thing.”

It’s “the thing” that could rejuvenate a romance.
It’s “the thing” that could provide a much needed digital detox.
In Hamlet, it’s “the thing” that reveals a murder.
In my case, it’s “the thing” that probably prevents one.

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