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FeesThe three most beautiful words ever spoken: Back To School.

As the bus pulled away Thursday morning I did “The Hustle” up the driveway then climbed back into bed and read a book until I decided to nap. Heavenly. Of course, I can’t do that every school day, but it was nice for a day—or two.

While it is nice to get the kids back in school, it does dent the pocketbook. The clothes, supplies and fees never leave money leftover for a spa day, which is why I have to resort to a book-in-bed day. I’m not complaining. Turning over the responsibility to others to tell my kids all day to turn off their electronic devices is worth every cent.

Speaking of school cents, I’ve recently noticed posts on Facebook whining about school fees. One post read, “Free education?! Ha! I just paid school fees for three high school kids. Who are they kidding?!”

For people who’ve reached adulthood and been allowed to procreate without learning a crucial aspect of life, let me burst your naïve bubble—nothing is free.

There is no such thing as “free” education.
There is no such thing as “free” lunch.
There is no such thing as “free” health insurance or “free” cell phones from political candidates.

Everything costs one way or another, one person or another and, thanks to the growing mob mentality that everything should be free, some pay much more than others.

Wikipedia defines “free education” as “education that is funded through taxation, or charitable organizations rather than tuition fees.”

Notice the word “taxation.”

That is the real meaning behind the word “free.”

It means you’re free to send your child to public school because approximately 49% of Americans pay their taxes. It means you’re free to make a stink about having to contribute to the education of our nation’s youth and even refuse to pay fees claiming they’re optional, but then you’ll be subject to free advice from a weekly columnist who will tell you to pull your head out.

I never ceased to be amazed how delusional people are about “free” government programs. My first experience with this happened one summer as a young mother in a new neighborhood when a friend invited me to bring my kids to a lunch at the elementary school. I thought it was a PTA recruiting thing. We arrived at the cafeteria where hundreds of unattended children were being served lunch like on a school day. I was confused. What was this? When I asked my friend she explained it was a free lunch offered every weekday at the school.

Light bulb.

Government lunch program for kids home alone in the summer.

I explained this to my friend and suggested we leave. She said she knew what it was, but said they can’t refuse to serve anyone. I told her I’d love to do something else another time, then took my kids home for lunch.

No, they couldn’t refuse me lunch, but I was perfectly able to feed my family so there was no need to strain government resources further, which raises taxes, just so I could enjoy “free lunch” at the school with latchkey kids.

Please help our country remain free by doing your part and paying the fee.

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  1. Reply Barbara Aug 26,2014 9:21 pm

    Good for you! Keep up the dialogue with your neighbors! Too many people think that everything we get (roads, schools, health department, buses etc. ) are “free”. We are so blessed to have all these services, and I for one am glad to pay my share and vote so I can complain.
    I want to live in a manner of happiness where there are no poor among us.

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