The “Fun” in Fundraising 1

Buddy WalkHave you ever been in charge of a fundraiser?

Yeah, it kinda bites.

You basically have to go from business to business asking for donations of products and/or services to auction, raffle or give away for a worthy cause. And it is a worthy cause, but everybody has a worthy cause and the same local businesses get pestered time after time and, while they are mostly generous and gracious, there’s a fatigue factor on both ends. You get tired of asking and they get tired of being asked, but there are people and causes that need support and we all believe in karma, right? So you keep asking and they keep giving, hoping the universe is taking note.

Besides asking and giving, there’s another side to fundraising: receiving.

I’ve been on all sides of the fundraiser triangle and, I’m not gonna lie, being a receiver is sweet. I don’t mean there’s been a “Laser Lipo for Love” rally in my behalf —though I’d humbly accept being a beneficiary—I mean I’ve managed to score some pretty fabulous loot at fund raisers.

Hey, I deserve those half price alignments!

I can’t count how many times I’ve been that overly peppy lady who bounces into your business begging “Goodfer” certificates to: Help our school! Sponsor our organization! Assist a needy family! Remove unsightly cellulite from a fading beauty! (It’s worth a shot.) I’ve also donated services, products and countless hours to many causes. I’ve been that quilter who weeps silently as her lovely handmade quilt goes for $25 in an auction when there’s more cost in fabric than that, not to mention the hours of labor. So if I’m the lucky winner of a snowboard for a $5 raffle ticket purchase someday, that’s Aunt Karma honoring my donated time hunched over a sewing machine.

Why, just last week I plunked down good money to do something I hate in order to help people I love.

I ran.
On purpose.
When there was not an axe murderer chasing me.

I participated in the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation annual 5K “Fun Run” (oxymoron term) to support my dear friend who has a son with Down Syndrome. And you know what? The universe rewarded me for my monetary and organ donation by confusing the race organizers to miscalculate metric length units and map only a 3 ½ K course.

I knew something was off when I crossed the finish line with a time that would entice the O’Very family to adopt me.

With the energy I saved on the race, I shuffled to the silent auction booth where there were many enticing goods donated to raise money for the organization. I strategically worked the bidding sheets and snagged some great deals on theater tickets, a lube, some ski passes and a fancy ukulele for my begging son. I was also pleased the quilt I donated this time went for a respectable $100.

At this fundraiser I gave, I received, I even ran, and I did have fun all while supporting a friend and a great cause. Oh, I also won the bid on a pair of high tech running shoes (it’s amazing what a fake 5K time will do for your confidence).

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  1. Reply Jana Oct 18,2014 4:11 am

    It was fun to be with you. Thanks for always being so supportive! It was a happy day ☺️

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