The Pumpkin Walk: A Gourdy Good Time

JackoSing with me:

First you take the pumpkin, big and round and fat.
Then you cut the top off; that makes the hat.
Then you make the holes for the nose, the mouth, the eyes.
Making for the children a Halloween surprise!

Yeah, that’s my favorite Halloween carol—not that there are many to choose from.

For some reason there just wasn’t the allure for Bing or Nat to croon about ghouls or zombies. Maybe it’s because Halloween terms are low on rhyme options. Ghoul – drool, mule, gruel. Zombie . . . Abercrombie?

I bet if those sappy serenaders could attend Cache Valley’s annual “Pumpkin Walk” they’d find something catchy to sing about, since it’s got to be the best Halloween activity EVER!

Who better than a few visionary Valleyites to take a controversial holiday that is criticized and even renounced by moral zealots, and sanitize it with a family-friendly fall festival where favorite story scenes are created with pumpkins, gourds, squashes and other veggies kids won’t eat.

And best of all, it’s FREE!

What is truly free anymore other than (Remember to cancel within the 7-day trial period or you’ll be billed monthly and ding your credit.)

I bet even the most devout of All Hallows Eve haters could help but crack a jack-o-lantern grin as they moseyed through the candlelit paths of a country park decked out with fanciful displays on a crisp autumn night.

In my 24 years of Cache Valley residency I’ve only missed the Pumpkin Walk once. It still haunts me. Who knows what creative scenes I missed that year? I can’t think about it.

CSInstead, I dwell on all the amazing displays I’ve enjoyed over the years including: classic Charlie Brown and Dr. Seuss scenes, Ralphie pawing a shapely squash leg lamp from A Christmas Story, Calvin and Hobbes famous “Snowman Massacre” (my kids’ favorite as C&H junkies), M*A*S*H camp complete with “Hot Lips” Houlihan taking an army shower, more flashback faves of Gilligan’s Island, The Flintstones and The Jetsons, modern nods to Angry Birds, many Harry “Pumpkin” Potter scenes, Disney, Disney, Disney! And Barack Obutternut. (I knew his head shape reminded me of something!)

Oh, how I love it.

ObutternutWith such a fab fall fest available complimentary, attendance has consistently ramped up over the years. My selfish side longs for yesteryear when the Pumpkin Walk was a best kept local secret where you could show up anytime during open hours, find a parking space just yards away, then meander through the displays at your leisure taking time to enjoy every gourdy detail.

Now you have to park miles away, catch a shuttle to the end of the line to get in, which is farther away than where you used to be able to park. When you finally do get in, you’re prodded along with the masses and sometimes the cookie witch runs out of treats, which never used to happen.


I do still love it, though.

I suppose it’s a good thing such a wholesome Halloween activity is so popular since it’s not even safe to take your kids into a seasonal Halloween store anymore, unless you’re ready to explain why the nurses in your pediatrician’s office don’t dress that way.

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