Too Soon for Tunes?

earphonesHow sweet is this new snow?

It’s sooo festive!

Not that I need an excuse to get in the holiday mood. As soon as the first fall leaf swirls to the ground I’m ready to crank my Christmas playlist.

My family is not as eager as I am, so they roll their eyes when they come into the kitchen in September to find me working a dishtowel around my neck like a feather boa as I sing a flirty Santa Baby along with Eartha Kitt.

Due to opposing views in my household, we’ve struck a compromise. I’m allowed to play Christmas music outside my earbuds either November 1st or first snow, whichever comes first. I’m lovin’ it when we get a frosty September squall. Not this year though, but the timing of this snowfall is perfect. We’ve had such a lovely and lengthy autumn, which I have thoroughly enjoyed from my bike seat (savoring Christmas tunes in my earbuds).

Now I say, let the holiday palooza begin!

There are many who are bugged by the early onslaught of Christmas. I had a Bah Humbug boss who told me if he heard any Christmas carols wafting from my cubicle before December 15th I’d be fired. I had to manage my desktop boombox very carefully, only playing my precious holiday cassette collection when he was out of the office.

It’s clear how Charlie Brown feels about this issue, but he’s a tortured soul so we can’t trust his opinion. Though I’m a Christmas sooner, I do have limits. I don’t like when seasonal aisles in stores convert from ghoulish to Yule-ish even before Halloween. But come November, I say all’s fair.

After all, it is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, so why not get it underway ASAP, right?

I know purists who feel the month of November should remain strictly devoted to Thanksgiving because the hostile takeover of premature Christmas just further promotes modern consumerism. That may be true for some, but my eager giddiness for the holiday season is inclusive of Thanksgiving. Though it’s slim pickins for Thanksgiving carols, in order to prove my impartial holiday devotion I’ve accumulated a respectable collection of this miniscule genre and I include it with my Christmas playlist. Believe me, when Josh Groban sings about how I should be more thankful, I am.

The bottom line is, it all just gets me excited.

Though it may be all about marketing for corporate suits who greedily rub their mitts together as store clerks push aside jack-o-lanterns mid-October to make room for St. Nick in order to drive early holiday sales, it’s not like that for me. The tunes and trimmings of the season are a just cheery diversion from routine and a potent pick-me-up. Perhaps Charlie Brown would be happier if he quit lamenting and overthinking and just gave in to a little frivolity.

So let your employees play their holiday music unafraid! Let “The Elf on the Shelf” out of the box to start his crazy antics! Let your college roommate play holiday tunes if it helps her through the semester! (Please don’t kick my daughter out. It’s not her fault she was taught to self-medicate with Christmas music).

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