Calendar Crowding

xash-00073Well, this week will wrap up the “Saint” holiday series.

From MLK to Valentine’s, then George & Abe Day and on to Patrick’s, the whole bunch makes the end of January to the middle of March one big party hardy to celebrate do-gooders!

Okay, so they’re not all saints, but those who aren’t are honored for deeds significant enough to get a holiday named after them, which is basically like sainthood.

In case we haven’t gotten our fill of revelry, I found out there are many more holidays we could bring out of obscurity to keep the party going indefinitely. I learned about some of these holidays from the bargain bin calendar I bought shortly after the New Year. I have a smart phone and I do schedule on that but, call me old fashioned, I still like having a traditional paper calendar hanging on the wall where the whole family can see so we can write down who has what when.

Obtaining a calendar was more involved than usual this year. I usually get a few in the mail at Christmastime as company marketing gifts or I pick up a complimentary pharmacy one, but this year was a bust. I guess companies assume everybody’s gone digital and therefore think I prefer to get incessant email blasts instead of a lovely calendar featuring tropical paradise scenes.

I lived in denial until the second week of January that a free calendar would somehow materialize, but I got desperate and eventually found myself scanning the racks. I didn’t care how cute the puppies were or how precious babies look sitting in flowerpots, I was all about the bargain so I scanned price tags until I found the cheapest one. I just needed an annual tablet with numbered boxes I could write in to keep my family organized.

Upon removing the shrink wrap, I was pleased by the generous size of the calendar. It was much bigger than the stingy-sized freebies—companies more concerned about the presentation of their logo than my scheduling needs. I was starting to feel like this was two dollars well spent, until I began writing in our family happenings. Many of the boxes were already filled up with pre-printing of numerous holidays and occasions, leaving me hardly any room to write in my schedule.

What is Burns Night or Waitangi Day?

I bet you didn’t know that Presidents Day is also Family Day and Louis Riel Day. I barely had room to write “sleep in” and “sushi” above that crowded list.

Luckily we didn’t have much going on for Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day or Fat Tuesday (the English translation of Mardi Gras), which is the traditional revelry glut before Ash Wednesday when Lent begins.

Last Monday, March 9th was slammed with Canberra Day, Labour Day, Eight Hours Day, Adelaide Cup and Commonwealth Day.

Funny, it was just Laundry Day for me.

Yeah, you could find an official reason to party about any day of the year. FYI, today is officially Mothering Sunday in the UK, which is equivalent to our Mothers Day. In celebration, I’m going to talk with an English accent and demand I be treated like the Queen.

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