Day of Independence

flag girlMy independence day celebration was quite nice.

Oh, I don’t mean the 4th of July. My writing deadline for HJ News is before the holiday so I don’t know how it went yet.

It’s not looking good though.

At time of writing, we got nothin’ solid planned and my flagrant attempts to glom onto the plans of friends and family have been a bust so far. I just don’t want a repeat of last year.


My teenage son and I ended up wandering a deserted mall just for the A/C like losers. We’re well on our way to another mother-son holiday junket since the rest of the fam has to work at least part of the day so, yeah, I’m panicking.

The independence day I celebrated was earlier this week when my son convinced me to take him and his buds to Lagoon to use “Bounce Back” passes. I had no desire to bounce back since the bouncing, jerking and jarring of our family Lagoon excursion last week probably reversed the neck surgery I had a while back. But my son is the one I’m struggling to keep busy this summer and since the upcoming holiday was looking like a doomed duo repeat, I found myself in a van full of teenage testosterone heading to Farmington for the day.

I got the guys squared away with passes, water bottles, sunscreen under protest, and a stern warning about carnie chicks then I was off for a day . . . all to myself!

Oh yeah, there is a method to my madness.

No housework, yardwork or kids to keep on task. I had hours to kill and just happened to be minutes from the most fabulous new shopping district in the state.

Ahhh, some summer fun for mommy at last!

Meandering through the shops, I tried on flowing sundresses and spritzed perfume samples. I sat on a bench by the fountains to watch the musically choreographed water shows. I read, napped and ate chocolate.

Heaven. Is. Real.

I was thinking about having my mail forwarded to that bench when my blood sugar levels starting screaming for real sustenance.

I splurged for dinner at a nice restaurant. After years of cutting up food, wiping up spills and negotiating vegetable intake during meals I really don’t mind dining alone. You get the breadbasket to yourself and can even read as you eat and not be rude. Eventually I gave up my cushy booth so the server could turn it over to a bigger party and recoup tips.

A quick trip to the ladies room and I was headed out the door giddy over the possibilities of what to do next, when I felt an abrupt tap on my shoulder. A kind soul had jumped up from her table of friends and chased me the length of the restaurant to inform me the back of my skirt was tucked up in my unmentionables.

After that, I went to see my sister who lives nearby. I felt the need for the companionship of someone who loved me.

It’s nice to spend time independently, but having someone around to watch your back is good too, especially when your back is hanging out.

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