Life as a Material Girl

clowningOne of the most common questions I get asked about my writing is how I come up with material to write about.

It can be tricky.

My life really isn’t very exciting and when I write about friends, family and neighbors I get in trouble sometimes. I try to explain it’s just a quirky liability of associating with a writer.

Yeah, I’ll probably die alone in a house full of cats.

Lucky for me, I’m prone to moronic fiasco ready-made for literary exploitation.

I had just such an experience this week. Perhaps you’re still reeling over the public indecent exposure incident from last week and wonder how a person could get into another embarrassing scrape so soon, but that’s just how I roll.

I was headed to Heber Valley to speak at a girls camp. I drove that route on a regular basis years ago delivering art to Park City so I didn’t need to use a GPS. As I headed out the door my husband told me to use the GPS.

I blew him off.

He followed me out to the car and gave me verbal directions (he knows me well).

I blew him off.

And that’s why I blew past an exit I was supposed to take. You see, I was practicing my talk on the way and I was really getting into it because I wanted to be brilliant! But it’s hard to be brilliant in Heber when you wind up in Evanston.

Yep, my distraction took me to Why-oming.

There wasn’t even cell service in that uncivilized abyss to access Google maps or call my camp contact to tell her I’d be a bit late, or call my husband to tell him he had my blessing to remarry.

Lost, frustrated and embarrassed I pulled into a motel parking lot to let the gathering tears have their way. Just when I decided to go in the Prairie Inn and apply for a job as a maid to start my new life, my phone received a text.

Free wifi from the motel!

Evanston was more advanced than I’d given credit.

I got a hold of my camp friend who was very understanding. Then I set the map on my phone and took advantage of the rowdy road speeds of “The Cowboy State.”

When I finally arrived at my destination I received a warm welcome and a shared laugh over my detour. And I did nail my talk. It was about being mindful and focused in life so you don’t get off track. My thoughtless blunder provided the perfect humorous opener.

I was invited to stay overnight and enjoyed a giddy girly night of talking and giggling by flashlight. After a tasty camp stove pancake breakfast, I had to scoot. The camp crew was concerned about my long drive home and wanted to load me up with snacks. I told them not to worry about it. I’d just get something in Evanston.

This is how my life goes.

I just have to laugh about it, write about it and speak about it so others can laugh about it and feel soooo much better about their own lives.

You’re welcome.

I’m content my life’s purpose is to serve as a comedic cautionary tale.

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