A Walk Down Music Memory Lane

streetMy family is on edge lately because I’m in de-junking mode. Admittedly, I unclutter like a mercenary.

The older I get the more minimalistic I become.

As a Household CEO for over twenty years I’m getting very choosy about what I want to clean, remember, dust, organize, file, manage, move, keep track of and trip over in my house. And since I’m the one who does most of the previous list, I get final say on what stays and what gets kicked to the curb (or the DI).

When I moved into my spacious custom-built home almost a decade ago I could hardly imagine how we’d ever fill it up—our previous dwellings being basement apartments, a townhouse and a small spec home.

It’s amazing what 10 years times 5 humans with projects, hobbies, school papers, leisure reading, recreation, athletics, growth spurts, gardening, parties, pets, gifts, holidays, church involvement, fad diets, fitness phases, technology changes, business ventures and talent developing will do to muck up a place.

This particular purging has taken me mainly to the media cabinets: VHS, DVDs, CDs, etc. It seems overnight everything went digital rendering most of these piles of playable plastic obsolete. The VHS collection was a no-brainer—see ya! I weeded out some DVDs, but kept most because they’re handy on road trips. It’s amazing what even teenagers are willing to watch when you’re driving through Wyoming.

The CDs were tricky.

As music lovers, we’ve amassed quite a collection. The fact is, we just don’t really listen to CDs anymore.

What dork goes for a run with a clunky CD player these days?
(Not that we run.)

User-friendly apps like Pandora and iTunes are just soooo much more convenient and accommodating with flashy features like “shuffle.” Plus, you don’t have to buy a whole album just to get that one good song. This has forced songwriters to up their game, am I right? Now many more albums are the caliber of Chicago 17.

Speaking of awesome retro music, that’s what made it hard to get rid of any CDs. As I played some classics many memories emerged. When Hard to Say I’m Sorry came on, I was right back in 7th grade dancing with hunky Richard Broadbent and hardly able to breathe at a junior high stomp.

All the Disney soundtracks reminded me of singing in the car with my little kids. I even came across “our song,” a little known but great power ballad by Peter Cetera titled Have You Ever Been In Love.

My vast Donny Osmond collection has sound-tracked too much of my life to reference. Hey, don’t mock. How many entertainers have a successful career spanning 50+ years?

Listening to my Christmas collection flat out made me bawl.

Music is potent stuff.

Luckily, so is technology, which enables me to keep all my music and unclutter too. I uploaded the CDs to the obscure “Cloud” so I’ll have all my tunes and their memories forever. Well, until “the big one” hits and disables all the satellites. It will be a bummer not to have a playlist for the end of the world.

(Pssst, I saved a few Donny Osmond CDs, just in case!)

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