January: A Time for Resolution, and Recognition

noteThe other day I spent a dreary afternoon changing the bag and belt on my vacuum and scrubbing an obscure spill on the carpet that had apparently been there a while based on its petrification level.

Yep, it’s January.

The holidays are over and it’s time to buckle down and do things you don’t want to do to in attempt to become the person you want to be—or at least clean your carpets the way you want them to be cleaned.

This first week of January I decided that instead of starting personal resolutions about cleaning up my life, I’d start with cleaning up my house. Okay, maybe it’s a copout, but the crusty spill was proof my house needed attention.

Once the camouflage of Christmas décor was removed, the naked truth of neglect was woefully revealed. And, it’ll be easier to start self-improvement in a clean, organized atmosphere, right? Well, clean-er and organized-er than before. I’m not going to go crazy and deep clean my kids’ rooms or anything so radical.

I will say, I feel the efforts I make to organize my home and family already help me to be a better person, even without setting specific resolutions. A recent experience my daughter had offered proof of this. She was asked by an aunt to come take care of her house and kids for a few days while she and her husband went out of town.

My daughter completed the gig with the house still standing, all children alive and well, and some crisp Benjamins in her pocket. Along with the sense of accomplishment and cash, she also brought home an interesting souvenir: the schedule/instructions she was given for the job.


To say it was comprehensive would be an understatement.

Here is a small, edited excerpt from The Document (names changed):
6:20 am: Wake up Jace and Mark, they get ready while you get lunches and breakfast ready. Lunches: peanut butter and honey sandwiches, apple, sugar snap peas, Oreos, chips. Breakfast: pancakes, Jace does breakfast dishes.
6:50: Wake up Leo.
7:10: Breakfast.
7:30: Mark leaves for school.
8:00: Jace gets picked up for school.
7:30-9:00: Leo reads 30 minutes, practices piano and does chores. Sometimes he needs to skip piano and study spelling and vocabulary. He’s picked up for school at 9:05.
3:00 pm: Pick up carpool at junior high.
3:45: Leo comes home.
4:00:  Leo has study session at friend’s house.
6:15: Dinner: tacos, Mark does dinner dishes.
8:00: Mark has voice lessons.
9:00: Leo and Jace go to bed. Leo needs to take a shower and put on his rash creams.
10:00: Mark goes to bed.

And this is just what concerns the kids! Imagine if she wrote down everything she does around the house, work, errands, bills, etc.

After reading her list, I was inspired to write down a day in my life just as an exercise, and you know what? It was suspiciously similar. Most dutiful Household CEO’s list probably would be.

I’m just saying, while it’s good to set goals to improve, sometimes it’s good to recognize all that you already are and do. It’s also good to post this list in a visible place where your family can see it.

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