Where Have All the Heroes Gone?

SupernotMy spring break was super!

Sunny (mostly) San Antonio did not disappoint with its interesting sights, exciting entertainment, and patriotic accommodations.

(Thanks big sis for letting us stay on base with you and your fam!)

It was a treat to wake up to a lively rendition of Reveille each morning at 0530 and drift off to sleep to the soothing sounds of Taps every night at 2300 at Fort Sam Houston. Hearing soldiers count off their jumping jacks on the field outside my bedroom window during their daily sunrise workout was almost enough to rouse me out of bed to join them.


Besides gorging on Tex Mex, riding the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster of its time, and letting Shamu douse us in the “Splash Zone,” we did more mellow things too.

One day we saw a movie.

What better than a super hero flick to go with our super spring break right? Yep, we spent good money and vacation time on “Batman v Superman.” The best part about it was the nap I got during a scene that didn’t move the plot along anyway (I slept for 30 minutes). I mean, Henry Cavill is Christopher Reeves-worthy, but even brilliant cinematography of his abs of steel doesn’t completely compensate for dopey screenwriting.

And don’t even get me started about BatBen. I would take Michael Keaton back right now–old, bald and flabby.

Speaking of letdown, there’s always a bit of that after vacation. I’m still suffering from recreation detox and unable to face the pileup of laundry and emails. Also adding to my post-vacay funk is an experience this week that proved real life heroism is going the way of DC Comics cinema.

On day three after returning home, the stash of airline peanuts and pretzels ran out and my kids were begging me to restock the bereft pantry and fridge, so I had to go grocery shopping. Being unusually organized, I’d remembered to bring the plastic bag full of plastic bags I had for the recycle bin at the store. But I was almost out of the parking lot to head home before I realized I forgotten to drop them off.

I pulled around to the storefront with the intention of jumping out quickly to run in and put the bags in the bin just inside the door. As I was about to do so, two cars pulled behind me. Not wanting to hold them up, I called upon a nearby passerby to act as hero.

I rolled down my window, held out the bag and called out to a lady, “Excuse me, would you mind putting this in the recycle bin by the door as you go in?”

She paused, gave me a look of disgust and said in a put-out tone that would rival my teenagers, “Really?”

I answered, trying to disguise my own disgust at her lack of graciousness, “Yes, really, please?”

Was it asking too much of a fellow citizen to carry a two-ounce plastic bag in the direction she’s already going and set it in a bin she would pass by anyway? She stomped over, took the bag from me grudgingly and completed the arduous task.

Okay, so I would take Ben Affleck as a superhero over her.

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