More Gratitude Give Me

thank-youIn order to combat the escalating tyranny of Christmas gobbling up what is supposed to be a season of Thanksgiving, a friend of mine has come up with a brilliant idea. She proposes that Halloween be moved to September 30th so we can be thankful through the months of October and November before we go elfing crazy for Christmas.

She feels the three holidays are just too close together and once we’re all amped up for Halloween we hyperextend into Christmas and poor middle child Jan gets neglected. (Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!) Her theory is, if we put more space between Halloween and Thanksgiving we’ll come down off the sugar high with enough time to actually be gracious to celebrate gluttony before greed.

I think it’s a fabulous idea and I’ve told my friend to contact the new president and tell him to make it his third order of business right after he builds the wall and arrests Hillary. Actually, make it his fourth order of business after he repeals Obamacare because our insurance company is leaving the state and therefore dumping us come January 1st thanks to the oxymoron Affordable Care Act, so our premium will double on a high deductible policy where we pay for everything out of pocket anyway.

But let’s not get off track and stick with focusing on being thankful rather than resentful (grrrr!).

My friend has a beautiful soul and I love her and her idea. I love that it didn’t even cross her idyllic mind that moving Halloween to the end of September would just give the ravenous wolves of retail marketing the excuse to blitz Christmas at us another month earlier. But having two official months of gratitude is a wonderful, if farfetched, idea.

It’s important to take time to be thankful. It’s soooo easy to get caught up in our own little world and our own little problems, which I’ve been doing too much of lately. Then something happened to a neighbor that gave me renewed perspective. She received word that a grandchild accidentally fell out of a second story window. He lives far away and she felt helpless and sick with worry. Miraculously he’s going to be fine, but I was reminded how quickly life can change.

I started thinking about how I recently added another person to my family with my daughter getting married which means I get another person to love, but also another person to worry about. Someday they’ll have children giving me more love, and more worry, and on and on it will go. With this increasing population to love and worry about, the odds of having merely my own little problems to pathetically wallow over will decrease.

As my life and love gets more complex, I should be thankful for any day when the worst of my concerns is paying more for healthcare.

It’s unlikely my friend will have enough political influence to move Halloween up a month to facilitate a deserved expansion for gratitude, so we should at least take the time we have to count our blessings. Like an early snowfall, which grants me the right to start playing Christmas music as per the agreement with my husband.

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