Holiday Recycling Program – Not Just for Wrapping Paper

green-recNever a dull moment during the Christmas season! There are sooooo many festive things to see and do around the valley and beyond, even the Scroogiest and Grinchiest might find it difficult to avoid enticements of Christmas spirit.

I unabashedly succumb to any and all of it.

I got online early and snagged tickets to as many holiday productions and concerts as possible. All seven we’ve attended so far have been fabulous.

I’m so filled with Christmas spirit, I’m almost ready to forgive the people who brought a baby to the Jenny Oaks Baker “Christmas Spectacular” and wouldn’t take him out when he squawked throughout the entire concert. When I do forgive, I’ll include the usher who let people in with a baby.

Besides live productions, I’ve also filled my DVR queue with tons of holiday episodes. I can’t actually watch all that I record, but I like to have options while on the treadmill. There are many I start then ditch because some of those Hallmark movies are too sappy even for me.

In my gluttonous intake of holiday programming, I’ve noticed how many remakes, revisits and recycles of classics there are. I have mixed feelings about it. Some are great, an improvement or welcome addition to what’s been done before. Some, not so much.

A Christmas Carol is the ultimate holiday classic, but it’s been Done. To. Death. The world just cannot handle any more renditions. Dickens probably rolls over in his grave that we’ve allowed the likes of Vanessa Williams and Carrie Fisher to interpret his brilliant literary tale.

The remake trend is not just happening in the holiday genre. Disney is in major recycle mode with their classics. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing. The new Cinderella is beautiful moviemaking to be sure. But, it’s still Cinderella.

Are we really so bereft of new ideas we have to keep regurgitating old ones?

Speaking of regurgitation, I’m reminded of a few furballs to come up in recent years, like Tim Burton’s version of “Charlie and Chocolate Factory.” And I thought nothing could be creepier than the original oompa ooompas.

A brand new Anne of Green Gables just released. Really? Can anyone other than Megan Follows really be Anne? And Martin Sheen’s Matthew. Ugh. His performance is even less believable than his role as an effective president, if that’s possible. Some remakes are an upgrade from the original, like the modern version of Freaky Friday. Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis rocked that revival.

Then there are the recent revisits, the most hyped one being Netflix’s exclusive return to the Gilmore Girls. All I can say is there are six hours of my life I’ll be ashamed to account for on judgment day. It was like going to your 20-year high school reunion to discover the person voted “Most likely to succeed” runs a pot shop in Colorado.

There is one recent revival that completely made my holiday though: the stage version of White Christmas. Since seeing this gem last week I’ve definitely fallen asleep counting my blessings instead of sheep. It was so good I was hardly even bugged by the lady behind me who sang aloud the words to every song.

I’m almost ready to forgive her too.

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