Sweet Rolls for My Sweethearts

In celebration of all the people I love I made sweet rolls for my sweethearts!

Yep, I got mad baking skills. These rolls are soft and squishy delishy.

This recipe comes straight from the lady who used to run the “Hunk-a-Bread” bakery in the Cache Valley Mall.

Do any of you locals remember it? It was divine. She used to be my neighbor and shared her secrets with me. Maybe someday soon I’ll share them with you.

I wish I could share these tasty treats with all of you, but feel free to lick the screen.

Come on, you know you want to.

Just do it.

Even if you’re in public.

Let people stare! Let people wonder! They’ll probably lick their screens too just to be cool like you!

I hope you have LOVE-ly plans today! Even if it’s with your couch, some chocolate and the Hallmark Channel.


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