The Kite Quilt

Happy March 1st!

Yeah, I know it isn’t a legit holiday but I’m grasping for any reason to celebrate this time of year when the dreary weather starts to wear on me. Around my hood we’ve been taking turns bailing water out of basements and stacking sandbags so I need something happy.

And my new kite quilt makes me super duper happy.

It’s actually not that new. I started it a year ago and finished it months ago but it’s a spring-ish quilt so I’ve been anxiously awaiting the official beginning of kite season (i.e. March) to display my new baby. In fact, I was so exited I cheated and took down all my Valentines quilts and hung up this one on February 27th.


Don’t get me wrong, I loooove my Valentines quilts and they’ve hung proudly through most of February because red is my favorite color so I love buying red fabric and I have lots, and lots, and lots of red fabric for making Valentines quilts. What prompted the premature display change is that along with my Valentine quilts I usually leave up the snowman quilt I put up in January and it just had to come down.

No. More. Snowmen.

No. More. Snow.

I love snow in time for the holidays and even early teaser snowstorms in the fall which get me all giddy for the holidays. I even love lilting snowfalls through February for Valentines Day because it’s cozy and romantic.

But it’s March now and I’m done with snow. And snowmen. And the snowman quilt.

Because of the onslaught of storms in recent weeks, snow feels kind of menacing now and those happy smiling snowman faces glaring from my quilt were starting to take on an evil look. Like those creepy snowmen on that psycho Dr. Who snowman episode which I only saw the preview for, but was a enough to freak me out and add to the reasons why I’ll never ever watch Dr. Who.

I have to give a shout out to Pinterest for the inspiration for this quilt. I found a pattern for a quilt-as-you-go kite block for a pillow using denim and scraps. I have TONS of denim and scraps so I went way beyond single pillow block and made enough blocks to assemble a quilt, and I love how it turned out.

The addition of the rickrack tails tied with ribbon was my own little flare because the pillow pattern kite didn’t include a tail. But what is a kite without a tail, right? It would just look like one of those poor dogs whose tail has been whacked off so he wags that awkward nub back and forth.

The kite tails also give a nod to my grandma because the white rickrack came from her sewing things. When she passed away I inherited some leftover treasures including scads of rickrack.

I’m a 70s baby so I dig rickrack.

Actually, I think the overall look of this quilt with the denim and the color scheme has a groovy 70s vibe – kinda hippy-like. I feel a sudden urge to play Leif Garrett records and roller skate around the garage with my sister.

So, today I can look at this quilt and it makes me happy because it gives me hope that spring is coming, and the snow WILL stop eventually…hopefully. And it reminds me of my grandma, and my 70s childhood, and how I spend waaaaay too much time on Pinterest.

I hope you find a few things to make you happy on this first day of March.

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