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Hello, and welcome to Kari On!

My name is Kari J. Rich and I’m a weekly humor columnist/blogger for The Herald Journal, graphic designer, public speaker, wife of a cowboy artist, mother of three, former lead singer of a band (truth!) and a fan of Carol Burnett and the Muppets (authentic Jim Henson version).

I live in the western mountain outback with more animals than I ever wanted to take care of.

I graduated from Utah State University in English and design and worked in an advertising agency as a graphic designer and copywriter until I started a family and began working freelance from home.

As I transitioned from corporate to domestic I started writing down the funny things of everyday life to keep my sanity. Years later, a blog, a column and two books were born. I enjoy exposing the hidden hilarity that lurks in everyday life because it’s pretty stinkin’ funny if you choose to look for it.

I hope what you find here makes you LOL.

Kari on.

6 thoughts on “About Kari

  1. Reply Christina May 21,2012 11:12 pm

    Just finished Kari’s book “Heaven Help Us” and laughed to tears. Thanks for helping those of us who get burried by laundry and sometimes serve cereal for dinner realize that we are in good company. So glad you have this blog so I can read, relate, and reflect upon life rather than do the dishes. Write on!

    • Reply Kari Rich Sep 1,2015 3:41 am

      Thank you for your response and support! I’m so glad you enjoyed my book. We “real” moms have to stick together. 😉 Keep in touch.

  2. Reply Kami Nelson Jun 28,2015 9:21 pm

    Honestly I have thought about cancelling my subscription to the paper almost weekly. But then I always change my mind because of Kari’s article. It is like a breath of fresh air in all of the negativity that is the rest of news. Thanks so much for that!

    • Reply Kari Rich Sep 1,2015 3:36 am

      Wow, that means sooo much to me! I’m glad to know I bring happy and humorous relief to the content of the paper. Thanks so much for your support! PS – Can you email my boss your comment? jk 😉

  3. Reply Trey Rogers Aug 16,2015 7:39 pm

    I read your spider as pet today in the Herold Journal and really enjoyed it as it sparked memories of my now adult children as they grew up. I was the meanie in our world. I guess there needs to be one in each marriage. Wait until your dad gets home was used more often then I would had liked. On all but pets that is! I am the zoo at home supporter in the family, however even I would put my foot down on the spider and the request (yes foot down on spider with boots on!). We are both country folk, however I liked it my wife endured it until three years into our marriage when I endured city life for the next 23 years. I am a large dog guy, my wife is a fluffy cat gal. There is a story in that! Anyway, thank you for the great story. I will enjoy following your blog from now on!

    • Reply Kari Rich Sep 1,2015 3:31 am

      We “meanies” have to stick together. 😉 I’m glad you enjoy my writing, it means so much. 🙂

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