Hairy Kari

Hairy Kari 2

Dress boots are the best invention since sliced bread. With the excuse of staying warm you can zip up a classy pair of leather knee-lengths to go with your dress or skirt and go without shaving your legs an entire winter and still be a regular church-goer. But, one must be cautious using this trick. ...
Feminine Nature

Feminine Nature 1

One of the best 30 minute episodes of comedy ever to grace the television screen is the Everybody Loves Raymond PMS episode. In fact, Patricia Heaton won an Emmy that year for her role as Deborah Barone. She said in the commentary on that episode that when she was nominated the network sent the PMS ...
Prom Mom

Prom Mom 5

In order to go to the Junior Prom I had to call in a favor. I hadn’t been asked, but I was a junior and I wanted to go to my prom so I called a friend of mine who went to another high school and asked him if he’d go with me. Our families ...
Fundraiser – Come Help

Fundraiser – Come Help “Wild Bill” Kari-On

It isn’t over until the fat guy behind the basketball hoop sticks out his bare belly and pirate hook and yells, “You want a piece o’ me?” Utah State University’s own “Wild Bill” Sproat – love him or loathe him – you have to admit he has helped put Utah State basketball on the map. ...


Oh, the weather outside is frightful. And I’m starting to get spiteful. My patience is going to pop. Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it stop!   Hail is falling all around. On my housetop, on the ground. Hail is falling on my head. Beating me until I’m dead.